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What is your style? ~ I have tried SO hard to narrow it down and find "my" style but the truth is...I get bored too easily! I honestly like ALL different kinds of styles, from semi-traditional to urban sessions. My style can also be very creative, unique, and fun. My approach is relaxed, laid-back, unobtusive. I use a lot of unusual angles and various post processing techniques. I put my heart and soul into these images. They are not just pictures, they are truly works of art.

Your philosophy? ~ The LOVE of LIFE and FAMILY rules... and should be captured. I sit back quietly and anticipate a moment. Sometimes it's funny...sometimes it's tender; it's always reflective of your personalities.

What should I wear? ~ Please keep in mind that clothing should compliment, not dominate your portraits. Busy patterns, bold stripes and trendy styles can overpower the subjects in a portrait. You will be much happier with solid colors & classic clothing styles. For good portrait balance try to coordinate light, medium and dark colors. Simple is better. Try to avoid character T's, logos, and sayings to keep the focus on you and your little ones. Babies look best in their birthday suit or diaper. Children look great in bright colors and clothing that reflects their personality. Neutral colors or complimentary colors work best for family group sessions. Denim and khakis are a casual feel to a portrait and are usually more comfortable for everyone and bare feet are simple and fun! :)

Will you sell me a portrait disk with my photos? ~ No I'm sorry but I do not offer portrait disks under any circumstances.

Can I use my photos on facebook? ~ I do not offer digital files that can be uploaded to the internet however, I will be more than happy to upload some of your portraits to my facebook fan page and tag you in them so you can share them with others. I do ask that you do NOT crop my photos and/or remove my watermarks.

What is your copyright policy? ~ All images are the property of Jen Ulasiewicz Photography and are protected by federal copyright laws. Copying images without permission is punishable by a fine. It is against the law to copy, scan, screen capture, download, print, email, or reproduce these images in any way without written permission.

Jen Ulasiewicz Photography retains the right to all images for promotional or competitive use. Jen reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who copies her work without permission. Copyright violators will be prosecuted.

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