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Our pictures are amazing! Thank you for finding the perfect spots to take our pictures. I love how you were able to capture my children and the beautiful fall scenery in every photo! My kids said this was the most fun they have ever had taking pictures! You kept our session relaxed and carefree, which allowed my children to have fun and for you to capture special moments on camera. Thank you for taking so much time to create the perfect Christmas card for our family. It turned out even better than I imagined! I love the little accordion book as well. My husband will be able to have it with him everywhere he goes while deployed in Afghanistan. The perfect way for me to share the beautiful pictures you took of our family! I hope that we have the chance to have our pictures taken with you again before the Army sends us on our next adventure! ~Amy L.

We loved Jen's casual, laid back attitude during our outdoor family photo shoot. She took advantage of all the wonderful scenery and made our kids feel very comfortable during the shoot. They were allowed to be silly, pick flowers and well, just be kids!!! No "stuffy" studio setting where the kids are forced to look at the camera. It was our first photo session in several years that didn't involve tears...the kids were actually laughing and having a great time. Our family photos turned out beautifully, thanks to Jen's great photography skills and exquisite attention to detail. We will definitely use her services again in the future!!! ~Alicia G.

I really love Jen's portrait style. Jen picked a location and shots to start, but then she just let the kids loose to climb and explore on their own. She followed them as they ran around and captured their unique personalities by watching how they interacted with each other and the environment. They all told me several times how much fun they had after we got home. Thanks Jen! :) ~Melinda S.

My husband and I could not have been more pleased with the family photographs Jen took of us and our dogs. She was able to capture beautiful images and was even able to get our young, active dogs to cooperate! We really enjoyed spending a few hours walking around with you in Manitou Springs! The portraits turned out far better than our wedding photos did, wish we could have the wedding again so you could be our photographer. We especially love your sepia effects on the photos! Very beautiful work and we are so pleased. Thank you! ~Tracy A.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful photography! I couldn't have asked for anything better!!! All of the portraits are just perfect!!! We really appreciate everything you did out there for us too!!! You didn't have to cut the cake or help clean but it was really nice of you!!! Again...I thank you for a wonderful job on the photos! ~Jayson P.

Thank you so much for being a huge part of our wedding! We had so much fun!! The photos are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your time and effort and for capturing beautiful memories that we'll remember for the rest of our lives!! :) ~Amanda P.

I saw your album on the I Love Colorado Springs page on facebook and you have inspired me to visit the many beautiful places you captured in your photography. You have a terrific talent and I love that you choose to honor God through your work. Blessings! ~Kendra B.